Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tick, tick, tick... Five!

Five in a row is a bona-fide streak, baby. And all this hard work bumps the Futility Meter up to -12.

And we are ranked ahead of the Leafs, and we all know that's always good.

More importantly, the last-10 is now 6-3-1, which means it is the second game where the last-10 has been 5-x-x or higher. It also means no matter what happens tonight, we will be 5-x-x or higher tomorrow, for the third game in a row, which you may or may not remember as being my threshold of hope.

But seriously. James Duthie predicts that this year the Senators will be afflicted by M.S.S or Middle Standings Syndrome:
It describes the condition of teams that finish somewhere between 9th and 12th in their conference every year. No playoffs. No lottery picks. No hope.
...but somehow convinces himself this is a good thing. Or at least tries to.

While I am sure that a surge now and a strong run towards the dead zone just outside of the playoffs would be good for next year's season ticket sales (or at least better than the flush down to just above the Islanders would be...) the question still remains as to whether or not such a run would be good for next year's playoff prospects.

I remain unconvinced.

In other news, I am firmly of the opinion that the Senators will lose tonight, perhaps spectacularly. I could cite several reasons -- the longest streak of the year just has to end sometime, or the fact that Auld will again lose his game now that he's the second coming again, or the fact that this is the second of a back-to-back set of games on the road. But no, the reason why I think the Senators will lose tonight:

I'm in a position to actually watch for once.

Oh wait, it doesn't start until 9:30. Maybe I'm not in a position to watch more than the first period. So maybe the guys have an actual chance of making it six in a row.

Well hopefully we'll see.