Monday, July 8, 2013


Detroit drama aside, the league must be really wondering about Alfredsson.  I mean, the last all-star game was basically an Alfie-lovefest.  He has a rebound year and helped take a rebuilding team into the playoffs.  And then, after that high note, he came back.

Last year he had a respectable year,  an unexpected appearance in the second round of playoffs, and the league ackowledged his special career with the Marc Messier leadership award.

...and he comes back again.

The league has to be wondering what it will take this for this guy to quit!  

I wouldn't expect any serious award, though, unless it is something like the Brian Burke award for neatest laces tying.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Alfredsson to Detroit



The man gives you his all for 17 years, becomes the heart, soul, and backbone of the franchise, and you call it betrayal that he goes to play with another team?

Look.  Daniel Alfredsson has earned the right to do whatever he pleases as far as hockey is concerned.  If he is more concerned about trying for a cup before he retires than filling in for another year of Ottawa mediocrity, that is his right, and the only thing Ottawa fans should do is wish him well and thank him for his service.

Ottawa won't win a cup this year. There are many things you can say about this team, but "they will contend for the cup in 2013-2014" isn't one of them.  Maybe it is a budget issue, maybe it is a lack of availability of quality players, maybe it is a systemic problem that prevents the right pieces from being assembled.

Detroit's chances at a cup this year may be thin, yes -- but that's light years ahead of Ottawa's chances.

Alfredsson ran out of time waiting on Ottawa's window to open again.  Don't blame him for chasing the ultimate reward while he still can.

Lets hope he decides to come back to Ottawa after he has retired.