Monday, May 28, 2012

Bad Officiating

Can I get a hell yes?

NHL Officials Need to be More Accountable
As fans, we should care less about this or that call against our team and instead unite in our anger about the standards of accountability and consistency in NHL officiating in general. These guys can and should be a lot better.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Consorting With The Enemy

In which I help out some Leafs fans.

What happened was that they had a server problem and lost a bunch of posts. I read their site using RSS through Google Reader, and one of the "features" of Google Reader is that it remembers posts that it has seen before in the feed -- even if those posts are no longer in the feed. So the take-away from this is: Google Reader remembers posts which are deleted.

This could be considered an epic backup backup strategy, in that your reader pool is now acting as a backup of your blog posts -- but it means if you retract something, the retraction doesn't make it to Google Reader.  I have observed this before, where people have published posts and then removed them (either because they wanted to delay the posting or because they had second thoughts) but I still got to read them.

Moral of the story: think carefully before you hit on your blog post.  The internet remembers.

Er, no, I mean the moral of this story is: your backups are good, right?