Friday, February 13, 2009

Three In A Row

OK, "real life" is interfering at the moment, but I must take some time out to make a few comments about the three wins in a row (holy crap, three in a row? Is that right?... yes, it is. Huh).

First -- three wins in a row, and the Futility Meter rises to -14, 5-4-1. Three wins are good, but there is still a long, long road ahead to any potential spring this year. There's still only a vanishingly small, highly theoretical chance of playoffs this year. Working hard and winning more will only put us into the same boat our beloved rivals favorite puppies, the Maple Leafs.

Second. If Clouston is right about the team not having the jump on the ice because they have not been forced to jump in practice and their conditioning has fallen off... well not only does it mean that I was wrong about Hartsburg (and maybe Paddock too), but it means that every monkey who's been calling the call-in shows to say the problem has been that the team needs to work harder has been right. Chew on that -- just because someone's a monkey doesn't mean they are always wrong.