Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Do Something?"

Comment I left on SenSay article Pick Or No Pick, That Was Unacceptable, which boils down to
They’re playing like a team walking the plank…for F*** sakes, do something already!
…yeah, like what?

Fire Clouston — so that the team can quit on the replacement?

Fire Murray and replace him with… who? Really?

Trade? You can’t sell out if nobody’s buying. The last firesale the Sens had went really well — they traded Heatly for Michalek and the privilege of buying out San Jose’s bad contract. The rest of the league knows that Ottawa is verging on desperation here, why would any other team offer a fair deal if you can potentially force Ottawa into another firesale, and get a much better return for yourself?

Do “something”?

I don’t see what there is to be done.

Sack up man, this is life in the salary cap world.