Wednesday, January 5, 2011


The hot item from Brian Murray's non-conference was his comment about franchise savior goalie prospect Robin Lehner:
I would like to see him play back in Binghamton over the weekend and then see how we do and make a decision based on that. I wish Robin would have made another stop against the Russians (a 4-3 shootout loss in the semifinals) and been in the final game against Canada. That would have been a heck of a test for him. I thought he played well in a tournament.
Brian, man, no matter how desperate you are to keep your own job, DON'T grasp at straws this way. I mean, what could happen here?
  • Lehner comes up, and our elite defense performs the way it has been performing, and Lehner gets shelled, then hooked, then sent back down; or
  • Lehner comes up, absolutely stands on his head, and still doesn't get any wins because of a lack of offense at the other end of the ice.
The latter is the BEST case.

And this assumes that Lehner is even ready for an NHL start.

If Lehner is in any way to be of use to this franchise, then leave him down in the AHL where he can continue to develop, then we'll take a good hard look at him next year.

...but yeah, you might not be around to do that in the fall, right.

Don't do it.