Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ten In A Row

I think this is worth preserving: the standings line for the Senators on 4 February 2010, including the perfect last-10 number. The current run is a franchise record.

It is weird how this year is almost winding down. I got an email today advising me that there are only 10 more home games this year including tonight. Now I know that the Olympics and the resulting diddling in the schedule is what brings us to this point, but it still seems early to me.

Personally I expect Vancouver to beat the Senators tonight. In general the west fields better teams, even if they coughed up a two goal lead to Toronto and then followed that up by losing to Montreal. Vancouver's numbers show them as having the Senator's kind of results, but in a tougher conference. Not to say that this game isn't winnable -- I just don't expect the Senators to win it.