Monday, November 16, 2009


OK, so I only watched the last ten minutes of the third, plus the OT and the shoot out. But one thing springs to mind:

That one point that the team escaped with was a gift.

The dying seconds of that last penalty kill featured a mad scramble with two or three juicy rebounds and a cross-crease patch to a Ranger who was standing there looking at a wide open net and somehow managed to miss.

It should have been over right there and then.

The OT was played reasonably well by both teams and I have no complaints, really.

As for the shoot-out: Elliot stood on his head to take things to the seventh round. (Has Elliot ever won a shoot-out?) And no less than three Senators had the opportunity to win this. But they failed to do so, for the same general reason that the team can't win: they can't put the puck in the net.

We should take our point and be thankful.